Editor’s Note

We Are What We Read!

One of the key requirements for establishing and maintaining liberal democratic traditions is the free flow of quality information by protecting journalistic freedom. If there are obstacles to the free movement of news and information, the masses are systematically marginalized and brutalized by the regimes in power.

Governments are increasingly beginning to overtly suppress the free media in the name of national security. The present day antagonists are not just the usual “repressive regimes,” but also long standing “democratic regimes.” Certain regimes have even destroyed news agency buildings and have instigated global campaigns to suppress free media outlets.

There needs to be a global movement against the suppression of journalistic freedom. This movement has already propelled itself through the work of online advocates. However, for there to be a global impact against state sponsored suppression of journalists, the United Nations must take a forceful stand and penalize governments that stand in the way of journalistic freedom. Furthermore, the United Nations must take a legal stand for the protection of journalists all over the world by utilizing the power of the International Court of Justice.


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