The Ballot Box: 2012

Obama’s Private Missile Talk With Medvedev Goes Public

Truthdig – During what he apparently thought was a private huddle with his Russian counterpart at a nuclear summit meeting in Seoul, South Korea, President Barack Obama was caught in a hot-mic moment, giving Dmitry Medvedev an election-year pointer on the delicate subject of missile defense.

Obama vs. Boehner: Who Killed the Debt Deal?

New York Times – After months of self-serving narratives and accusations, a full accounting of how a historic debt deal went bad.

No ‘secret deal’ on missile defense, Pentagon tells House

The Hill – An Obama administration official on Wednesday said he was not aware of any “secret deal” on missile defense.…

Elder Bush ‘will endorse’ Romney

BBC – George Bush Snr is set to formally endorse Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, as the party establishment swings behind the front-runner.

For a Romney Running Mate, Don’t Bet on a Governor

New York Times – Governors might make for better presidential candidates than senators, but they haven’t had an advantage when it comes to picking vice-presidential nominees.

Santorum Loses Ground to Romney in Pennsylvania, Poll Finds

New York Times – Rick Santorum now leads in his home state by just 2 percentage points, creating an opening for the Romney team.

Big Business Finds Bet on G.O.P. Can Backfire

New York Times – Groups like the Chamber of Commerce spent millions in 2010 to elect Republican candidates running for the House, but the return on investment has not always met expectations.

Gingrich Is Cutting Staff to Shift Focus to Convention

New York Times – Newt Gingrich has acknowledged the impossibility of his winning the G.O.P. presidential nomination outright and is cutting back his campaign schedule.

Strength and Weakness in the Campaign of Ron Paul

New York Times – Not even Representative Ron Paul can entirely explain why the passion he generated in the Republican primary season did not translate into more votes.

US healthcare court case enters final stage

Al Jazeera- Oral arguments conclude in Supreme Court over constitutionality of Obama’s signature domestic policy law.

‘Neighbhourhood watch’ under scrutiny in US

Al Jazeera – Teen’s killing in Florida has raised questions about where to draw line between protection and murder.


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