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Human rights group accuses U.S. of abuses along Mexico border

(Reuters) – U.S. policing along the Mexico border discriminates against Hispanics and Native Americans and contributes to the deaths of illegal immigrants, according to a study by the human rights group Amnesty International USA.


GlobalPost Exclusive: Inside Syria’s latest assault

SARAQEB — Just four days ago the Free Syrian Army had total control of this city, the second-largest in Syria’s northestern Idlib Province. Then the tanks rolled in. The Syrian regime’s assault began March 24 and continues today. Activists say that 40 civilians have so far been killed. In the midst of this latest attack, President Bashar al-Assad announced he would accept a UN-sponsored peace plan. But the United States has warned that Assad has broken promises before.

In Resolution, U.N. Council Presses Sri Lanka on Civilian Deaths

GENEVA — The United Nations Human Rights Council passed an American-backed resolution on Thursday pressing the Sri Lankan government to investigate the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in the final stages of the civil war with the Tamil Tigers.

Kandahar shootings: What really happened? (EXCLUSIVE)

Did other US soldiers help Staff Sgt. Robert Bales? GlobalPost investigates the evolving narrative of the Kandahar shootings.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Conflicting reports from eyewitnesses, US officials and local leaders show, if anything, how little is known for certain about what happened in the early morning hours of March 11, when Staff Sgt. Robert Bales allegedly massacred 16 Afghan civilians, including nine women and children.

$210B coal scam revelations rock India’s parliament

Coal scandal looks to further imperil India’s corruption-wracked government.

Political scandal broke out in India when it was discovered that $210 billion of the country’s revenue has been lost in a coal scam of enormous proportions, according to a draft auditing report leaked to The Times of India today, infuriating lawmakers and adding to India’s growing corruption woes.

The Chinese-African Union

Why is China spending $200 million for this new over-the-top headquarters for the African Union?

When the new African Union (AU) headquarters was unveiled in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, earlier this year, the $200 million structure — now the capital city’s tallest building — caused a splash. But it wasn’t just the mammoth building’s impressive spec sheet that drew comment, it was also the project’s bankroller: China.

The Connected Island

The country’s future lies in its role as a major hub for the whole of South Asia.

After a long battle against terrorism, which ended in 2009, Sri Lanka has established itself as a peaceful democracy, committed to national reconciliation and nation-building. Since coming to power in 2005, President Mahinda Rajapaksa defeated the Tamil Tigers within four years, and has since worked to integrate former rebel strongholds in the north and east of the country. Meanwhile, this small country – home to 21 million people – has quickly increased its political and economic influence in the region. And crucially, Sri Lankans have enjoyed a general increase in per capita income, from $1,062 in 2004 to $2,053 in 2009, putting the country in the middle-income league.