Egypt’s military leadership

Brief profiles of the men who sit on the country’s Supreme Council of the Armed forces.

The Egyptian military’s supreme council held an ‘important’ meeting on Friday morning chaired by Hussein Tantawi, the defense minister.

In a statement read out on state television, the council warned against any threats to the nation’s security, endorsed Mubarak’s plan for a peaceful transfer of power, and pledged that the army would guarantee “free and fair elections”.

Egypt has one of the largest armies in the world, with an estimated one million active and reserve personnel. The armed forces are overseen by Egypt’s ministry of defense.

On Thursday, Egypt’s military announced on state television that it would take steps to “maintain the homeland” and meet the protesters’ demands — a move that suggested that it was prepared to take power.

Mubarak, in his Thursday night address to the nation, transferred most of his power to Omar Suleiman, the vice president, but refused to resign or leave the country.

Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, defence minister; Lt Gen Sami Anan, chief of staff of the Egyptian army; Air Marshal Ahmed Shafiq, minister for civil Aviation; and General Omar Suleiman, vice president and former intelligence chief, are some of the key retired or serving military officers.

Here are brief profiles of some of the men that make up Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed forces:


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